Giant 3d wall maps

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Coverage of any
local area

Giant, customised 3d maps

Stand out from the crowd

Our maps aren’t models - they’ve not been sculpted.

Aircraft equipped with a special sensor have flown over, reading every detail of the ground below, from buildings to bus stops. This captures details as small as parked cars, unlike any other method.

We produce the finished products from durable resins or artificial stone to an accuracy of 0.05mm, using our custom-built 3d printers working under the atmospheric pressure of Jupiter.


Our work

Each cityscape is uniquely customised specifically for you, but here's a few examples of what we've done previously:


From the bridges of Central London, to the skyscrapers of the City and Canary Wharf, and along the Thames to the O2 on Greenwich Peninsula and beyond


From the Docks and the iconic Royal Liver Building on the quayside, across the city to the station, Anglican Cathedral and university and hospital


Centred on the iconic minster and city centre, enclosed by the ancient walls and fortifications, and radiating out to the city beyond


From the high points of Arthur's Seat and the Castle, to the Royal Mile between, with the Scottish Parliament building, Holyrood Palace, and Scott Monument

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